12 Brands With Animal Logos and Their Real-Life Counterparts

Since we’ve been known to wake up a little hungover on the weekends and watch YouTube videos of cute animals before heading out to brunch (true story), we figure what better way to enjoy your Sunday than by taking a look at 12 brands that have animals in their logos.

So as not to bore you, we’ve spliced these next to pictures of the animals they depict—either in the wild, or just being plain old adorable. Have a look at our list of what was basically our excuse to Google “cute ponies” throughout the week and consider it work.

1. Dooney Bourke, a duck (above).

Okay, we know these aren’t baby ducks in the Dooney Bourke logo, and that it’s actually a grown-up duck that sits atop of the promise of “All Weather Leather.” But what kind of duck? A diving duck, or a dabbling duck? Since we couldn’t figure it out (and didn’t know how to explain the question to Dooney Bourke), we went ahead with these little guys. You’re welcome.

2. Vineyard Vines, a whale.

It doesn’t matter how big they are, or how fast they’d rip you apart if they found you in the ocean: Whales, like the one on the Vineyard Vines logo, always look so happy.

3. Baby Phat, a cat.

To counter how ridiculous the baby phat cat is, we found you a Siamese Cat who looks just as stunned as we were when we found out that Baby Phat also makes a line of medical scrubs.

4. Lacoste, a crocodile.

Not to be confused with a Lacoste alligator. While Lacoste’s croc seems pretty friendly, what with that pink tongue flapping in the breeze and all, a quick Internet search proves that crocodiles, like this one, aren’t all that friendly.

5. Psycho Bunny, a bunny.

Psycho Bunny’s bunny looks like a jerk, so here’s one that’s a hell of a lot sweeter, melting your heart among a bed of flowers.

6. Abercrombie Fitch, a moose.

Their logo would be something as burly as a moose. After all, their clothes are designed solely for the small majority of the male population who have miles and miles of pecs.

7. Juicy Couture, a dog.

The Juicy Couture dog is actually a Highland Terrier, not a Yorkie as we had previously thought. And since the dog in their logo looks like a brat, we found one that’s way cooler. This dog does not want to be carried in your purse. He wants to hang out the car window or sprawl out on a porch swing.

8. Le Coq Sportif, a rooster.

An emblem of the France, the rooster also graces the large, puffy logo on Moncler jackets. They also seem to look the same in every picture, but this might be the best one out there.

9. Polo Ralph Lauren, a horse.

Since there’s nothing cute about a horse being ridden by an strapping equestrian (oh, wait), we’ve opted to use this picture of a sleeping pony instead.

10. Marc Ecko, a rhinoceros.

Remember not too long ago when Ecko had that insane promotion where you could get a 20% Ecko discount for life if you just got the logo tattooed on your body? This rhino looks smarter than all of those guys, times ten.

11. Jack Wills, a pheasant.

The Jack Wills pheasant is definitely an old man, what with that top hat and cane, and this guy looks like a granddaddy pheasant to us.

12. Original Penguin, a penguin.

Duh. Not to be confused with the Penguin Books penguin, here’s another bird who looks wise beyond his years but not nearly as cheery as the logo he’s a part of. Or as happy as the penguin in Happy Feet.