Famous brands copied by Chinese companies

China has a rich culture and Chinese are known as some of the most hard-working people on earth. Unfortunately, the country has developed a tendency to produce copied versions of famous international brands. Their infatuation with this kind of work and foreign brands is evident from the opening of a shopping mall, located in the city of Nanjing, east of Shanghai. This mall has specifically been dedicated to some 58 fake brands of merchandise.

The only thing that differentiates the fake from the original is the deliberate misspellings in all their look-alike famous logos. According to research, almost 15-20% of total products made in china are imitations. These figures include industrial and consumer products as well as pharmaceuticals.

Although, the Chinese government has been shutting down fake brand manufacturers to improve its economic image, the counterfeit merchandise just keeps on flourishing. They are no longer being sold door to door. Instead, you can now buy cheap versions of international brands from an actual mall.

Here’s a small sow of what is available.

1. Fake KFC

2. Fake Levi’s Brand

3. Fake Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Brand

4. Fake Chanel Brand

5. Fake Starbucks Coffee

6. Fake iPod Shuffle

7. Counterfeit logo of MasterCard

8. Fake Playboy

9. Fake FILA Brand

10. Fake Canon

11. Fake Rolex Brand

12. Fake Gillette

13. Fake Boss

14. Fake Converse Shoes

15. Fake Sony Products

16. Fake Nokia Phones

17. Fake Nike Brand

18. Fake Panasonic

19. Fake Adidas Brand

20. Fake Puma Brand

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